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Piccadilly is a street in London, which extends from Hyde Park Corner located in the west to Piccadilly Circus in the east. The Circus houses many shopping and entertainment centres as well as it's one of the busiest places and great touristic attractions in the UK. It is mainly situated in the central area of London occupied by London borough, also known as the City of Westminster. Considered amongst the widest and straightest streets in Central London, it houses famous touristic attractions, monuments and landmarks such as Fortnum & Mason, the Royal Academy, the Ritz Hotel, the RAF Club, the Hatchards and the embassies of Japan and Malta.

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The London Underground also known as the Tube is the most important source of public transport connected by 12 lines, which takes you to several places in the centre of London. The name of Piccadilly line (or P line) is derived from Piccadilly, whose some part is under the street. Hyde Park Corner, Green Park, and Piccadilly Circus Stations have entrances close to or in Piccadilly. There are many bus stations located near Piccadilly Circus. One can also rent Piccadilly Circus cabs from W1 in the night.

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London is a big city, but it is safe for tourists. Some amounts of crime do exist there, but rare chances of violent kind. Just like any other cities, be careful from pickpockets and bag-snatching. Apply your common sense and don't engage with strangers. Prefer to use ATMs located inside bank lobby because you can be a prey to car trap devices. Never flash expensive possessions, money and valuables. There is a rare chance of crime in public transport such as buses, but do not board onto unlicensed mini cabs, especially if you are travelling alone. Use London's well-known black cabs. In case of any emergencies dial 999 or 112 and contact police.

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Emergency Contacts

Country Code of the UK44
Emergencies999 or 112
London Tourist Board Information020 7971 0027
London Travel Information (Buses, Underground)7222 1234
Emergency Chemist7723 6116
Directory enquiries192
Visa Services020 8995 2492
Customs 03-87872312
London City Airport020 7646 0088
London Black Taxis07779 336 612
Metropolitan Police020 7230 1212